The Company

The Overland Essentials was started in early 2019 by Levi Farish and Brian Wildman. Finding the road less traveled has long been a part of their journey, as combat veterans and outdoor enthusiasts, overland adventures have become their way of connecting to something outside of the daily grind. It is the natural calm that allows Levi and Brian to recharge and connect with their family. Together, they are working to build a community where people can find a passion for the overlanding lifestyle, feel connected to one another and to the outdoors, and have a place where education and community and retail are in one place. 

The Overland Essentials will save you time and frustration in searching for the right gear. Levi and Brian have joined forces with other experienced overlanders (OE pro-staffers pages coming soon) to help you navigate product reviews and information and find what works for you and offer you a one-stop-shop to purchase what you need. 

The Founders

Levi Farish and Brian Wildman

Brian and Levi have been friends since meeting in the Military Police School at Fort Leonard Wood, MO 15 years ago. Originally from Oklahoma, both Brian and Levi live in Fort Leavenworth, KS where they are currently serving on active duty. Along with their wives and children, Brian and Levi have taken their passion for off-roading to overlanding and have been very active in the overlanding community for the last few years. 

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