The Overland Essentials


What is a Pro-Staffer?

A pro-staffer is an individual selected by owners of The Overland Essentials that represents a commitment and understanding of the overland community. Pro-Staffers are individuals that thrive on educating others about their personal adventures in overlanding...individuals that have the same passion as we do for adventure.

What does a Pro-Staffer do?

As an extension of The Overland Essentials family, you will have the opportunity to capture your shared passion for the outdoors and the overland community. You will be sharing your trip information (trip reports), product usage and reviews, as well as educational content,  to assist with building the overland community and The Overland Essentials family.  As a pro-staffer for The Overland Essentials, you will be featured (with a select photo and bio) on a special Pro-Staffer page on our company website.

Pro-Staffer Requirements:

As a member of The Overland Essentials Pro-Staffer team, you will be required, by agreed upon contract, to maintain a specific amount of Social Media posts, whether that be videos or photographs.


 You will be required to maintain one post per month (product review, educational or trip report) to The Overland Essentials that will be featured on the Company website.


You will be required to post, at a minimum, 2 Instagram photos or videos per month that shall have The Overland Essentials listed as a tag.

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